Postfix Notes

Install Postfix as SMTP only Server Uninstall postfix sudo apt-get remove postfix (Uninstall postfix only) sudo apt-get remove –auto-remove postfix (Uninstall postfix and its dependencies) sudo apt-get purge postfix (Purging your config/data too)

CSS Tips

Apply Google Fonts How to use Google Fonts w3schools Word Break overflow-wrap: normal | break-word ; Pretty Ribbon Media queries for standard devices Flex Property Horizontal list of div items .outer { display: flex; flex-flow: row

Ubuntu Basics 2

Upgrade from Ubuntu 16 or 17 to 18 First, we need to run the following command to change all instances of yakkety to bionic in the source list file (/etc/apt/sources.list). The former is the code name for Ubuntu 16.10,